DSC Mentor Program/On site Mentoring

Deaf Services Interpreting Department has developed this program for ALL interpreters of ALL levels of skill to establish a positive support system in our profession.

This is NOT limited to individuals working only under DSC. We welcome ALL from various organizations to join us in these discussions.  EVERYONE’S INPUT IS VALUABLE! Whether you are a new student starting practicum, a new graduate, a new interpreter,  a 2yr-5yr interpreter, or a 6yr-25yr++ interpreter, we welcome you and what you would like to contribute to this group/ interpreting field as a whole.

Meeting Dates are on every 1st Monday of the month and 3rd Friday of the month.

As for our ON SITE Mentoring, we offer this to our new graduates as transition period, new interpreters that need a boost in certain areas, and anyone needing a little extra support in the interpreting field.

We place new graduates, or new interpreters (mentees) on an assignment as their own, with an experienced  interpreter(mentor) simply there as a backup support. The goal is to give the mentee on the job, independence and confidence knowing that they have someone there for support if necessary. This not a paid program when you go onsite, but can be scheduled by request.