CSDHH History and Programs

Community Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (CSDHH) was established in 1984 after the need was seen by the interpreting and deaf communities to establish a center of this type in Portsmouth. This was made possible with the assistance of Vern Riffe, Speaker of the Ohio, House of Representatives and a group of approximately 50 members who worked together to create CSDHH. CSDHH began humbly in a remodeled closet in the Speech and Hearing Department within Southern Ohio Medical Center (SOMC). SOMC was the host agency for CSDHH for 24 years until April of 2008 when Deaf Services Center, based in Columbus, Ohio, became DSDHH’s ?scal agent CSDHH is proud to have served the deaf and hard of hearing communities and their families for the past 20+ years.