With the grants made available through H.U.D., the City of Columbus has contracted with DSC to be able to provide equipment to individuals who meet the established criteria. Through DEMP, qualifying people can receive home modification equipment such as TTY’s amplified phones and signalers.

If you are interested in receiving an application, contact DSC at 614-841-1991 or 614-515-6065 vp.


  • Must be deaf or hard of hearing or have a dependent that is deaf or hard of hearing.
  • To get free equipment, you must live in Columbus.
  • to get free equipment, you must meet the income level.
  • If you want to know whether you can get free equipment, ask us!
  • Amplified Phones, TTYs, Flashing Smoke Detectors and other devices available.

For more information about DEMP you can contact
T.J. Veppert’s Email

(614) 841-1991
(614) 515-6065 VP
(614) 841-4909 fax