Our Beginning

Where it all began…

Through the efforts and support of Central Ohio’s Deaf Community, Deaf Services Center, Inc. (DSC) opened its doors on September 1, 1991. The agency was established on a hope, a prayer, and a $5,000 donation and has grown to become the largest provider of community-based services for people who are deaf or hard of hearing in the state of Ohio. DSC presently has 10 full time interpreting positions, 6 program or direct staff positions, 6 support staff positions, 3 management positions along with an executive director who is deaf. In addition to these personnel, DSC contracts with approximately 60 independent contracted interpreters, C-Print captionists, and Youth Programming staff.

DSC believes that people who are deaf or hard of hearing have a right to fully participate in the development and management of the very services that impact their lives. People who are deaf or hard of hearing have an overriding desire to be in control of their own destinies. Therefore, when DSC was created, it was mandated through its by-laws, that the Board of Trustees would have a membership greater than 50 % Deaf.

Presently, the Board of Trustees is made up of a 90% Deaf/ Hard of Hearing membership. A Board of Trustees, whose members have a personal interest in and a commitment to the quality of services provided, assures that the services offered are in concert with the needs and desires of the people who are being served. It creates a conduit for feedback on a continuous basis from those who receive and benefit from DSC’s services and those responsible for providing such services. The Board is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of the Center and has an unprecedented commitment to achieving DSC’s mission